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5 Vibrant Party Apartments in Liverpool

If you're heading to Liverpool for a weekend getaway with your pals, you don't want to position yourselves miles out of town having to waste your time and hard-earned cash on expensive taxis journeys just to get into the heart of the action.

You want somewhere central; somewhere you can kickstart the celebrations before bouncing off into town and partying 'til the early hours of the morning.

So, here at Groupia Stays, we've cherry-picked 5 of our favourite party apartments in Liverpool, so you can forget the faff and set it off in style!

Temple Court Apartments

City Centre

Situated just minutes from the biggest nightlife spots this electric city has to offer, these spacious apartments are a great place to base yourselves on your trip to Liverpool.

Sleeping from anywhere between 8 and 20 in each (multiple apartments can be combined for even bigger groups), you'll have plenty of space to gather to raise a few glasses before you hit the town.

Top Features:

  • Spacious living/social areas
  • Free WiFi
  • Fully equipped kitchen

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Water Street Apartments

0.5 miles to City Centre

Light, spacious, modern and just a great place to hang out when you're not off exploring everything this fine city has to offer, Water Street Apartments are a great starting point to your weekend away.

You'll also be equidistant from the city centre and the famous Albert Dock (just a 10-minute stroll), so you'll have the best of the city at your fingertips.

Top Features:

  • Spacious living/social areas
  • Free WiFi
  • Large TV

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Duke Street Apartments

0.4 miles to City Centre

These plush pads put you minutes from the biggest nightlife action of the city centre, plus they offer a comfortable and relaxing place to return to when you call it a day/night.

Whilst the facilities are pretty uniform throughout, some apartments have their own bespoke bar area where the bartender amongst you can jump behind and start knocking up some cocktails.

Top Features:

  • Bar area (in certain apartments only)
  • Free WiFi
  • Large TV

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Arthouse Apartments

0.2 miles to City Centre

Featuring funky décor from some iconic films, plus jacuzzi baths, iPod Docks, free WiFi, and a host of other great facilities, these are a unique and seriously cool place to start the party on your weekend away.

There's even a bar and pizzeria on-site where you can rendezvous before you fire off into the centre of the city.

Top Features:

  • iPod Dock
  • Jacuzzi baths
  • Bar & pizzeria

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Queen's Apartments

0.3 miles to City Centre

Sleeping between 4 and 6 in each, these are ideal for smaller groups (though, bigger groups can be spread out over multiple apartments), and feature all the facilities required for a hassle-free stay.

They even have Netflix, so you can flob out in front of a movie the morning after the night before, as you try and nurse yourselves back to normality.

Top Features:

  • Netflix
  • Free WiFi
  • Fully equipped kitchen

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